Ulster Carpets offer more than just carpet they provide inspiration, creativity and imagination to compliment the interior design of your home.

Ulster Carpets combine the core values of a family-owned business with the attributes of a major manufacturer by retaining the vision of the company founder, George Walter Wilson, who established the company in 1938.

They take pride in the fact that they have been manufacturing in the UK and Ireland since then.

The company headquarters is still on the original site where it was founded over 80 years ago but they now have offices across the world.

Their passion for the highest quality led to the development of a unique weaving technology – PSYLO™ and they continue to pioneer the latest techniques in weaving and dyeing to enhance the quality of their carpets.

The people who work at Ulster Carpets are at the heart of their success. Long-term service by staff is the norm and they harness experience and knowledge to drive the company forward.

Ulster Carpets are renowned for the quality and timeless appeal of their products. Ulster Carpets range of Axminsters and Wiltons are both classic or contemporary in design and can provide a 'casual and calm' or 'formal and show-stopping' look to your interior.


Inspired - Elegant and sophisticated
Fusion - Contemporary
Plains - Velvets and twists
Naturals - Textured loops
Contemporary - Motif
Classics - Timeless classic
Heritage - Traditional patterns
The Mix - Eclectic
Runners - Style statement
Colour - Coordination

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