At Interior Harmony Flooring we are able to offer a range of different choices for your hardwood floor, with the option to choose from a wide variety of hardwoods with the finish you desire.

Hardwoods come in a natural range of tones:

Light Woods:

· Ash,
· Birch,
· Hickory,
· Maple,
· Beech,
· Larch,
· Oak,
· Bamboo

Golden Woods

· Beech,Oak,
· Red Oak,
· Black Cherry

Dark Woods

· Iroko,
· Merbau,
· Oak,
· Panga-Panga,
· Teak,
· American Walnut

All of these species of woods are available from our manufacturers as solid or engineered planks with a factory finish or we can 'Stain' your floor and finish it with either an oil or lacquer of your choice.

Choose the grading of your wood from 'Prime' with very little knotting through to 'Rustic' with much more knotting or character.

We also offer the option of having your wooden floor 'smoked' from as little as 3 hours to 3 days to give that 'Special look'.